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A message from a ConTechs Associate, Steve Matson

ConTechs Associates organizes engineering volunteers and technical resources from the U.S. and makes them available to engineering professors, students, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in developing countries to perform team projects with educational and societal value.  In previous projects, chemical engineering students at the Universidad de San Francisco Xavier (USFX) in Sucre, Bolivia explored ways to convert abundant Bolivian reserves of natural gas to relatively scarce liquid fuels like diesel.  Since then, ConTechs has extended its vision beyond hydrocarbons to encompass more sustainable energy technologies with reduced environmental impact. 

Today, ConTechs' seeks to establish partnerships and support project teams working towards the following broad objectives: 

●  To develop and promote adoption of energy sources and technologies with low carbon emissions with the aim of helping developing nations to progress economically along a more responsible path than that taken historically (albeit unwittingly) by their counterparts in the North.

          ▪  BioEnergy for Bolivia from non-food crops -- a proposed student competition

          ▪  Approaches to minimize discharge of "black carbon" or soot

          ▪  Capture and use of methane from landfill gases and biodigesters

●  To help mitigate present and future effects of climate change on developing countries through the application of engineering solutions and best practices designed to help people adapt to new and challenging environmental realities. 

          ▪  Storing excessive run-off from rapidly melting Andean glaciers

          ▪  Treating and distributing this water for drinking and irrigation

Please read on to learn more about our projects and how you might participate.  Thanks for sharing your vision, ideas, and energy.










This page was last updated on April 07, 2011.