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Students: Please tell us how we can work with you.

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This brief survey is divided into four sections, which deal, respectively, with




Student Projects, Resources, & Needs,


The Student Competition, and


General Suggestions

Please complete as much of it as you like -- but don't forget to click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page when done. 


First, please tell us who you are (this information is optional, but desirable):

  Field of Study   For example, chemical engineering, food, environmental, etc. 
  Year of Study   For example, 3rd year, 4th year, graduate, etc.
    Contact me about participating in ConTechs
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What language(s) can you read/write (at least some)?

What languages can you speak (at least some)?
English English
Spanish   Spanish  
German German
French French
Chinese Chinese
Other Other
If 'Other', specify:  If 'Other', specify: 

Please describe your internet access (select all that apply):

Dial-up (phone modem) at university
Dial-up (phone modem) at home
High-speed/broadband at university
High-speed/broadband at home
VoIP (Skype, etc.)
Instant messaging (IM/chat)
Webcam or videoconferencing

How would you rate your computer/web skills? (1 = very limited; 5 = very skilled)

   Very Limited  1 2 3 4 5    Very Skilled 


Please tell us about existing student projects at your university or educational institution:

   Is completion of a student project required for graduation? Yes   No
   When are these projects usually undertaken?
   How long do these projects usually take to complete?
   Are projects completed by individual students, teams, or both? Individuals     Teams     Both
   Do students work closely with supervising faculty during projects?  Yes     No     Sometimes
   How often do students doing a project meet with their professor(s)?

If you have done (or are planning) a project,  please describe it.

ConTechs Associates is evaluating which particular project resources it should endeavor to provide in the future, based largely on feedback from students.  Please rate the following resources or project needs according to their potential importance or value to your project (1 = least important/valuable; 5 = most important/valuable):

Project Resource/Need/Opportunity Least Valuable 1           2           3           4 Most Valuable  5
Advice/consulting related to technical aspects of project
Advice related to project planning, structure, execution, etc.
Professional relationship with ConTechs advisor/mentor in U.S.
Independent assessment/review of project progress
Assistance with project presentation, report writing, etc.
Access to technical literature, journal articles, books
Access to discounted engineering software
Access to professional contacts and experts through advisor
Database of project "best practices" and models
Help in arranging possible project-related travel (e.g., plant trips)
Practice with English-language communication skills
General professional/career advice and counseling
Access to on-line project discussion groups and resources
Exposure to complementary industrial perspective

Can you identify any other resource(s) you could have used in your project that ConTechs might provide -- or one that might be useful in a future project?  Was anything needed to complete your project that you lacked?

Check here if the possibility of participating in a future project with ConTechs interests you. 


Plans for ConTechs' Student Competition are at an early stage, so our questions are general.

What types of Competitions (e.g., project types) are of most interest to you?   Check all that apply. 

Process design competitions  
Product design competitions  
Business plan competitions  
Open-ended (i.e., projects determined by individual students or student teams)  
Specified by ConTechs Associates  
  If "Other", please specify: 

   Should the Competition be open to individual students, teams, or either?

Individuals Teams  Either

What would make an appropriate forum for hosting the Competion? 

Specific university (department)  
National student congress  
National professional association  
Regional or international organization  

Have a specific suggestion? 

Check here if the possibility of participating in a future ConTechs Student Competition interests you. 


What have we forgotten to ask?  Please make any other suggestions, comments, or criticisms you have for us concerning ConTechs' mission, operations, and programs.  

  Contact me about participating in ConTechs.

   Last but not least, please don't forget to click this "Submit" button.  Thank you!









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