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Volunteers:  How would you like to be involved?

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This brief survey is divided into four sections: 




Volunteer Interests/Experience,


Participation in ConTechs, and


General Suggestions

Please complete as much of it as you like -- and then click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page. 


First, please tell us who you are (this information is optional, but desirable):

  Organization   (e.g., company, university, government, retired, ...)
  Profession/Degree   (e.g., chemical engineering, food, environmental, ...) 
  Job Title/Status   (e.g., "senior process engineer -- retired")
  Technical Expertise
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What language(s) can you read/write (at least some)?

What languages can you speak (at least some)?
English English
Spanish   Spanish  
German German
French French
Chinese Chinese
Other Other
If 'Other', specify:  If 'Other', specify: 

Please describe your internet access (select all that apply):

Dial-up (phone modem) at work/office
Dial-up (phone modem) at home
High-speed/broadband at work/office
High-speed/broadband at home
VoIP (Skype, etc.)
Instant messaging (IM/chat)
Webcam or videoconferencing

How would you rate your computer/web skills? (1 = very limited; 5 = very skilled)

   Very Limited  1 2 3 4 5    Very Skilled 
How did you hear about ConTechs?


Professional societies and organizations:

Are you a member of any professional organizations/societies?  Yes   No
      If so, which ones?  (Note that it's OK to use acronyms!)
Have you been active as a volunteer in any of these? Yes   No
About how many hours per month do you devote to these societies?   (e.g., 2 hours/month)

What are your principal reasons for volunteering with these professional organizations, and do you find the experience satisfying?  Why or why not?

Other volunteer organizations: 

Are you an active in any other type of volunteer organization? Yes   No
          Please specify, if you like: 
About how many hours per month do you devote to such causes?   (e.g., 4 hours/month)

What are your principal reasons for volunteering with these other types of organizations, and do you find the experience satisfying?  Why or why not?

Nature of previous volunteer activities:

Have your ever worked with or advised university students?  Yes   No
          Interested in doing so? Yes   No
Ever traveled to developing countries? Yes   No
          Willing/able to do so? Yes   No

      (Note that neither previous advising experience nor foreign travel is required for participation in ConTechs.)

ConTechs Associates as a unique volunteer experience:

ConTechs endeavors to provide a unique sort of volunteer opportunity for engineers and other professionals, by capitalizing on the volunteer's technical experience/expertise and applying this resource in furtherance of societal and humanitarian objectives.   

Do your current professional or other volunteer experiences involve both technical/professional and societal/humanitarian elements? 

Yes   No
          If so, please describe/elaborate: 


What's in it for the ConTechs volunteer?

Please tell us what you would like to get out of a ConTechs (or other) volunteer experience by ranking the following possible incentives for participation according to importance to you (1 = not important/motivating; 5 = most important/motivating):

Motivator/Opportunity Not Important 1 2 3           4 Very Important  5

Chance to use technical knowledge/skills in addressing societal problems

Access to unique cultural experience

Opportunity to mentor students

Chance to build cross-cultural and cross-generational personal/professional relationships

Chance to practice/sharpen foreign language skills
Something "different" to do
Something "meaningful" to do

Is there something else about ConTechs' value proposition that interests you -- or, conversely, is there something we're missing that ConTechs should be providing to its volunteers by way of incentives for participation?  If so, please specify.


How might ConTechs volunteers participate/contribute in projects and competitions?

Please tell us here how you might like to get involved and contribute to ConTechs' objectives and programs by indicating which of the following potential activities or types of contribution might appeal to you.  Check all boxes that apply. 


  Provide advice related to technical aspects of project

  Facilitate access of project participants to pertinent experts

  Help students/professors obtain technical literature, journal articles, and other project resources

  Provide advice related to project planning, structure, and execution

  Assist students in technical report writing/communication

  Help students improve English-language communication skills

  Host visits and/or plant trips by ConTechs project participants

  Make occasional trips abroad to visit ConTechs project/competition sites

  Help students and professors broaden network of professional contacts and resources

  Help identify potential projects, participants, and sponsors

  Serve as organizer, advisor, and/or judge in student competition

  Participate in various aspects of building the ConTechs organization (see below!)

  Other -- please specify: 

Check here if the possibility of advising a future ConTechs Student Project interests you. 

Check here if the possibility of participating in a future ConTechs Student Competition interests you. 

Check here if you might be interested in helping to build the ConTech organization.  


Have you any particular areas/functions in which you might like to work?  Specify as many as you wish.


  Strategic/operational planning

  Volunteer recruitment and support

  Student projects

  Student competition

  Web and other communications

  Fundraising and sponsorship

  Most anywhere -- you tell me where

 Other -- please specify: 


What have we forgotten to ask?  Please make any other suggestions, comments, or criticisms you have for us concerning ConTechs' mission, operations, and programs -- or use this space to clarify or expand on any of your answers above..  

  Contact me about participating in ConTechs.

   Last but not least, please don't forget to click this "Submit" button.  Thank you!



This page was last updated on April 30, 2008.