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What might you have to offer as an engineer, scientist, or other motivated professional volunteering from the U.S. as a ConTechs Associate?  Plenty.  You might:

●  Advise and mentor student teams performing projects or entering design or business plan competitions, using the web as an enabling platform;

●  Provide technical advice and design expertise to NGOs and communities on projects aligned with ConTechs' objectives, especially as regards minimizing or adapting to climate change;

●  Give students a unique opportunity to improve their English language skills and build a trans-cultural and intergenerational relationship in a technical and professional context, relying on Skype (video)conferencing, chat, e-mail, and other Web 2.0 tools;

●  Procure journal articles from the technical and/or other literature for students that may facilitate their coursework or projects;

●  Assist us in building ConTechs itself into a sustainable and vital volunteer organization -- and a valuable resource for university education and for confronting the challenges of global climate change in developing countries. 

ConTechs is a work in progress, and we need help from all potential participants and stakeholders in envisioning, shaping, and building an effective organization.  We'd like to hear from engineering professionals about what makes for an engaging volunteer experience -- and from professors, students, and NGOs in developing countries about expertise and resources that ConTechs might bring to bear on problems they confront.  So please, "ConTech Us" by e-mail with your questions and suggestions, and/or fill out the appropriate survey above.  Thanks much,





This page was last updated on March 14, 2011.